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Locked Down OOC's Journal

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12th September 2003

dragonly_charms4:49pm: Okay...So um, has anyone noticed that Davies and my Charlie account are the only members of the OOC community?

It's weird.

6th September 2003

captain_davies4:20pm: *reads over Blaise's post again*

Awww! How cute! *pats you on the head, tells you your a good girl and runs off with some bombshell* :D hahaha X)

1st September 2003

veritas_zephyr1:13pm: So our first event will be a Masquerade Ball. For those of you also at SS you will know that there's going to be one there as well, but it's all okay and overlapping is not going to be an issue.

There will also be a Death Eater Attack that night, and a student death. The student involved has been contacted and while it isn't ahuge secret who, we'll just leave it as is. :)

We'll have it Saturday Night, September 13th.

I'll hand out more information as we get closer.

31st August 2003

veritas_zephyr2:22pm: outside_world Is now open to all those who are DE's, Order Members, or live outside the school.

Anyone who is in Harry's year of school or below can NOT post there. :)
dragonly_charms10:35am: Hullo. It's me, Hadrian. Yup, the guy who plays Oliver.

So I decided to play Charlie Weasley, too. Same contact info and everything, so that's about it. *Grin*

30th August 2003

captain_davies2:24pm: I'm baaaaack...
We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader where-ever she may go

X) Hello there. I'm sure most of you already know me from either AT or SS but to those that don't, my name's Ashley and I'll be playing your arrogant, local fox (no not stag Caitlin XP) Roger Davies :D

So.. uh.. yeah *sits on Caitlin*

28th August 2003

angelified7:28pm: I just got done reading a wonderful little RPFic, as well as having a wonderful bunny implanted by Jen as well.

Quidditch fest, eh Jen? *winks*

It's a drinking game, o'course. Put all the alumni (perhaps just the Quidditch players) in a room with a coupla bottles of firewhiskey. The one who supplies the whiskey (probably Cho) starts off with "I haven't done/been in/etc such-and-such" then takes a big swig. Whoever else hasn't also takes a drink. Last person starts another chain, and it leads into a riproaring drunk party.

Anybody interested, comment *bats her eyelashes innocently*
angelified11:28am: Hello everybody!
The name's Corén, Cor or Cori for short. I shall be playing the wonderful Cho Chang. She has some basic development in the books, but the rest is unknown about her, so I'm just gonna twist her into my own little creation. Mwahahahah!

...*little cough* that is, if the Mod's deem it worthy, of course *little cough*

For the most part I'm pretty freeforming, and will go along with just about any idea. Cho's going to be part of the Order, so expect her to be in and out often. I'm willing to "swing it both ways", pardon the bad analogy, Edit: and fancy triangles like you would not believe ^,~;;. So, yeah. Lots of fun and Lemons for all! :)
Current Mood: ecstatic
veritas_zephyr10:40am: Just a note. Something I haven't mentioned before so I'm not angry at people.

We have an OOC board so please do NOT write anything OOC in your character posts. Please.


27th August 2003

veritas_zephyr7:25pm: Okay another change.

Even though no one replied I went ahead and got started on a community for those outside the school.

the name will be outside_world And everyone who lives outside the school can post there as much as they want and converse with others outside the school.

Order members can still come in and out of the school, only now you'll be able to just post in the school community and we'll know where you are and if we should answer.

All people who live outside the school will automatically be granted posting access to the new community for September the First.


And welcome to our new Fred and George, and shortly our new Cho.
trouble_x_23:34pm: Wee~!
Hi. I'm Ex (Exxie, Exxy).. I'm 18.. I'm an artist with a sensitive mind. I'm looking for a romantic guy in his mid-twenties..


Sorry. Slap me if you like.

Anyway, I'll be playing the infamous Weasley twins.. so I hope you're prepared for lovely twincest and lots of pranks.

:D Won't that be nice.

Current Mood: amused
veritas_zephyr9:44am: If anyone is wondering why things are slow and nothing is happening, it's because I'm waiting for September first and the onslaught of classes.

THEN we shall begin in earnest, the Order will come together and people will come and go out of the school, DE attacks, Balls, all sorts of stuff! Just waiting for the first day of 'school' to roll around.

If anyone has any suggestions about the game, or what you want to see happen to your character feel free to e-mail myself or Sarah!

Sarah: starry_skyz@hotmail.com
mr_a_weasley3:33am: I know it hasn't been that long, but I've decided to leave this rpg. The style of it is not for me, I've figured out and feel it would be unfair to everyone if I were to continue.

25th August 2003

nott4:50pm: Er, hi
I feel rather silly posting here again, since I've already introduced myself, but Robbie told me to introduce this character (my last one, I promise). She's a character brought over from solemnly_swear. Her username there is definitelynott. I've also been informed that apparently Nott had a first name in Book 5. It escaped my notice, unfortunately, so now we have Delphina Nott. If I'd been paying closer attention, I could have fixed that. Regardless: hi, I didn't mean to beat canon with a stick, and I'm looking forward to playing. :)
starri_skyz5:15pm: Proposal:

Would it be a good idea to have seperate place for all Death Eater's to meet? I know we don't have many know, but for future usage?

01. This is a very adult community and not for the faint of heart. There will be blood, goes, graphic sex and even some situations that make ME squeamish. If you're not sure about any of this but still want to play, feel free to talk to me about playing a "safe" character.

02. No character deaths are predetermined, but they will mostly be the names lexicon listed as TC (Technically Canon). But that does not mean we're limited to. You will be consulted about your character death before it happens (IF it happens) and it does NOT mean you're a bad player and we want you out of the RP. You will be given a choice to stay alive, become a ghost or pick a new character. We're not ogres. We just want to see some LOUD things happen.

03. We are not age descriminate, but I will think twice about letting anyone younger then 16 into the RP. This doesn't mean I won't, only that you'll have to be pretty impressive. (And I know there are ALOT of very talented "under 16" people out there!!)

04. Some characters will not be open to the public to play. Right now they are:

Narcissa Malfoy
Albus Dumbledore
Ministry Officials (Except Arthur Weasley).
Feel free to Owl Dumbledore if you want to. He will respond.

05. If you want to play Percy Weasley, be prepared to play him as a Death Eater. :)

06. All Posting in the main forum should be done in first person "Writing in a journal" style, but understand that everyone can see and post comments in it. NO actions what-so-ever will be permitted. If you write something in third person, if you write something in *'s your journal entry will be copied and mailed to you for revision, but immediately removed from the main forum.

Personal Journals are for: Howlers, Owls, Private entries and ALL third person RP-ing.

If you're not sure where something goes, please feel free to ask.

Also, please note that students can only "see" posts from other people in the school (other students, Faculty, etc) and People who do NOT live in the school can only see posts made by those not in residence there. The exception to the rule is Owls. Owls are free to come and go from the school.

07. PLEASE be respectful to your elders. I realize that technically they are no longer your Professors and such, but that doesn't mean you can go around making fun of Snape to his face. You wouldn't do it in the classroom and you won't do it now. You can fight with them, certainly. But if they decide to give you detention. Take it. There has to be sojme semblance of order. If you do start acting in a way that isn't befitting, you will be warned.

08. TO JOIN. E-mail: starry_skyz@hotmail.com WITH:

Name: (First is fine)
AIM: (This is almost mandatory)
Desired Character:

Sample first person post:

Sample third person post:

Please be sure to visit the RP Comm info page (locked_down) and check the taken characters list before choosing a character. If the character does not appear on the list, he/she is adoptable.

23rd August 2003

gryffcoachwood1:20am: In the Castle~~
Hullo, my name's Hadrian. I play Oliver. I have my own real LJ, tentaino_konton and whatnot.

I just wanted to say, it's probably already been seen, but there's a lot of history between Marcus and Oliver.

Basically, the guy who RP's him is a great friend of mine, and we go back pretty far. Umm...If anyone really wants to get to know the whole story line about what happened to them, I have a link to the story I wrote about it on my Oliver's userinfo page. Plus some other little quirks about him, just so you know.

Umm...I haven't gotten my AIM signed up with a new name yet, but I'm occasionally on under Woodquidcaptain, because it was my old RP's name. Feel free to add it if you want. I'm on Yahoo! a lot more, under the name Quidditch_Captain_OliverWood. Every night, if I can shake it. *grins*

Plus, I've a question. We all know that Percy and Oliver were good friends in school and all, but since there's not a whole lot of mentioning of their friendship after they leave the school, and with Percy being a death eater and whatnot, I just wanted to know what's going on there? They still friends...? Heh. Just curious.

22nd August 2003

serpent_tongued12:10pm: Indulge Me...
I almost choked when I saw Draco's thread with Lucius. Now I'm laughing hysterically.

I still liked Julien, my poor little boy...*sniffles*
Current Mood: ditzy
starri_skyz3:08pm: Also!!

Percy Weasley is a Death Eater, but the Weasley's do NOT know about this. So other Death Eaters please be aware of this and not blow his cover, it will turn into a storyline later on.

Thks everyone! *huggles*
starri_skyz3:06pm: Hey all.

I'm Sarah, Modding with Robbie. Could we have all oder Members use the subject line of their posts to say whether they are in the castle or not? Just to alleviate confusion.

silver_prince10:44am: I'll start this and I urge everyone to please continue it, it's nearing time for the term to start and we need to have everyone and everything in place. :) I know a couple people responded below this post, but can we all do the same here and I'll add it to the memories?

Name: Robbie
Characters Played: Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape
E-Mail: Goldmyne@hotmail.com
AIM: You'll have to e-mail me to ask for it, please.

21st August 2003

red_terror6:27pm: Hullo! I'm Jen, and I'll be playing Ron. You may know me from other harry potter RPGs as Ginny/Ron in Astronomy_Tower and Bertha in Solomnly_Swear.

I'm WAY super excited about this community and am totally open to suggestions if anyone has them.

I'm on AIM as sunshineygin.

If anyone is interested/has the time, I would be forever grateful for new icons for our little Ronnikins. Preferrably something a little older looking. ;)

Looking forward to it :)

13th August 2003

veritas_zephyr2:48pm: Hello all!

I thought it was about time for an introduction. I'm the Mod of this RPG, Robbie. Feel free to e-mail with any problems or clarifications you may have.

Shortly I'm going to make this community friends only so it's private for us, and we can write down our contact info.

I'm hoping everyone is as excited as I am to get going so let me just clarify what will happen.

Right now we're going to just play around, chat, be scared, antagonize each other. You know! All the good stuff.

September First we will star in earnest. All students who have no graduated will attend classes and all those who haven't, well you're left to your own devices.

If you still attend classes, you will sleep in dorms like it;s any other school year. Harry and company will all have their own quarters provided for them, privately.

Anything else just feel free to jot a not here or write to me privately!

Oh. Also. I'm playing Draco Malfoy silver_prince and Severus Snape sly_snake


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